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uncle albers dog food tasty beef and chicken 22 kg value pack

Uncle Albers Dog Food

Uncle Alber’s is a complete and balanced diet for your dog.

22kg |

Dibs premium 22kg

Dibs Premium Performance Bits

Dog bits containing fish oil and turmeric to provide your dog with a balanced diet.

22kg |

Great Barko v2

Great Barko Dog Food

Great Barko is a complete and balanced diet for your dog.

22kg |

Cool horse and pony

Cool horse and Pony

Cool Horse & Pony is a nutritious and palatable horse food for horses performing active strenuous work.

Cool +

Cool Plus

Cool+ is suitable for use in all feeding applications.

Rock Salt lump

Rock Salt

Himalayan Rock Salt for live stock.

25kg |


Inside-out Horse

Specially formulated feed for all types of horses.

400g | 1kg | 5kg |

lucerne chaff

Lucerne Chaff

Anmax Lucerne Chaff is a nutritious source of Protein and fibre.

15 |

Timothy Chaff

Timothy Chaff

Anmax Timothy Chaff is a nutritious source of protein and fibre.

15KG |


Duck & Goose finisher

Duck and Goose Finisher is a highly nutritious food for ducks.

20KG |

Meadow Chaff

Meadow Chaff

Anmax Meadow Chaff is a nutritious source of fibre.

15KG |

images v2

Natra Lay

High quility mixture for happy and healthy hens.

20KG |


Showbird Breeder

Premium food formulated to fill the additional nutritional requirements of breeding poultry.

20KG |


Xtra Egg

Xtra Egg is a premium quality home layer food formulated to be fed to backyard layers from point of lay.

20KG |

I 1189120

Black Parrot Breed & Grow

High energy, high protein food for parrots.

5KG | 20KG |

I 228120

Pigeon Race & Breed

Highly nutritious general purpose food for pigeons.

20KG |

I 1188120

Black Parrot Adult

General purpose food for parrots.

20KG | 5KG |

Black parrot chew 5kg

Black Parrot Chew

General purpose novelty treats for parrots.

5KG |

Feed Wheat

Feed Wheat

Feed Wheat harvest from the Canterbury Plains.

Black parrot small bird

Black Parrot Small Bird

Crumble feed for small parrots and birds.

5KG |

Whole Maize

Maize Whole

Maize whole is an energy-dense feed grown from New Zealand farms. 

25KG |

Whole Barley

Barley whole

Barley whole is a full grain that is high in energy and starch content. 

25KG |

whole peas

Pea's Whole

High protein peas for sheep, goats and birds.

25KG |

Crushed barley

Barley Crushed

Barley feed for Sheep, Goats, Calves, Adult Cattle and Horses.

25KG |

Rolled Maize

Maize Rolled

Rolled Maize is an energy-dense feed sourced from locally grown New Zealand farms.

25KG |